The K20-EM2 Wiring Guide

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The electrical topic is probably the most complicated topic when it comes to swapping a K-Series engine into a Honda Civic EM2. I hear all those wiring questions all the time. Indeed, it is not as simple as installing some aftermarket engine mounts or changing the shifting cables. But with a good guidance, it is possible to achieve the goal of a running engine without any error codes and malfunctions.

Besides the fact that there is not much information available about this topic, the few helpful websites or blog posts are very specific and contain only information chunks - there's no clear path which describes you what exactly has to get modified.

While we were busy with our second K20-EM2 project, we decided to write a guide which contains all this information you really need. The whole job can be overwhelming, especially for someone who's not so familiar with car tech.

This is the reason why we invested some more time and effort to come up with a clear and easy understandable step-by-step guidance which supports you throughout the whole book. A lot of photo material add even more value.

Enough with talking. You probably can't wait to get one of these guides in your possession, right? The whole e-book is available online and the best part is - it's free!

The K20-EM2 Wiring Guide

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3 Comments on “The K20-EM2 Wiring Guide”

  1. hi there samuel how are you. I have mailed you before about the wiring of the slimfans for this. Its been almost 1,5 years now of building my car. Still havent finished but at least its drivable by now. And if i am still at it. Might as well turbo the car and get some nice power. The wiring of the ecu has been giving me problems so any help on wiring would be greatly appreciated. As i fear that i did not do it correctly. Because it is still giving me some engine codes after i completely rewired everything. I tried to fix it with manuals and buying a used oem wiring harness. And resoldering everything color coded. Still alot of issues with the wiring and ecu at the moment. But it does run so thats something atleast i have kpro installed on my ecu i dont get the looping of the o2 sensors ive tried everything but it doesnt work pls help
    With kind regards kilian visscher

    1. Hey Kilian,
      you can use the contact form on this website to send the exact issues and I’ll have a look at them.

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